NGPC CHURCH CULTURE and Renew and Refresh Groups

We're a reformed and evangelical congregation who believe our primary mission is to make disciples who make disciples.
At NGPC, we work hard at being intentional about creating a discipleship culture. All the leaders model and teach how to read the Bible well using COMA as a method to equip the whole congregation.

What is COMA?

Context [of passage in chapter, book and the bible’s story]
Observation [what does the text say?]
Meaning [what does it mean?]
Implication/Application [What are the implications of this truth? What should I think, believe, feel or do?]

During the week, we meet fortnightly in homes all over Geelong in discipleship groups called Renew gropups which are mixed gender Bible study of around 12-14 people where we seek to renew our minds. The allternating fortnight we meet in our Refresh groups of same gender where 4-6 people seek to refresh each other souls.

NGPC MISSION: Making disciple-making disciples of Jesus, worshiping, witnessing and serving together. 

MATTHEW 28:18-20
WHAT: Make disciples who make disciple
HOW: baptism and teaching.
WHERE and WHEN: As you go.