We're a reformed and evangelical congregation who believe our primary mission is to make disciples who make disciples.
At NGPC, we work hard at being intentional about creating a discipleship culture. All the leaders model and teach how to read the Bible well using COMA as a method to equip the whole congregation.

During the week, we meet fortnightly in homes all over Geelong in discipleship quads/pods (groups of 4 men or 4 women reading and understanding Scripture using COMA) while the alternate fortnight we meet in Bible study groups [mixed groups of 12-14 men and woman using COMA].

What is COMA?

Context [of passage in chapter, book and the bible’s story]
Observation [what does the text say?]
Meaning [what does it mean?]
Implication/Application [What are the implications of this truth? What should I think, believe, feel or do?]

Where is COMA used?

COMA is the required method of teaching by all NGPC leaders.
COMA will be used in quads/pods, Oikos, and evidence of it will be seen in the pulpit also.

Why are we using COMA?

We believe we need to understand the Bible since it is God’s final authoritative word to us. [Heb. 1:1-3]
We believe we need to understand the Bible as it is God’s way of sanctifying/saving us. [2Tim. 3:15-17]
We believe we need to understand the Bible to guard the gospel to ameliorate false teaching. [1Tim. 4:1-2]

Therefore, at NGPC we are trying to teach everyone how to read the Bible well - expecting the following outcomes:
To understand, follow, and enjoy Jesus as his disciples.
To understand, share, and enjoy the grace of the gospel of Jesus. 
To equip men, and women for works of service [ministry], in the church, home, work and community.
To equip the heads of the home to make disciple-making disciples of their children via family worship and discipleship.

NGPC MISSION: Making disciple-making disciples of Jesus, worshiping, witnessing and serving together. 

MATTHEW 28:18-20
WHAT: Make disciples who make disciple
HOW: baptism and teaching.
WHERE and WHEN: As you go.