NGPC Catechism

NGPC Catechism

Worship at NGPC

AT NGPC the content of worship will be focused on Christ and his Word.
The context of worship will be family friendly and culturally engaged.
The characteristic of worship will be contemporary and edifying.
The continuity of worship will be seen in our lives.

Worship and Children

AT NGPC, we believe that God covenants with believers and their children.
Children are members of the covenant community,
so we encourage parents, and children to worship together.
Practically, it means we don’t have Sunday School during our worship services,
as parents and children worship as a family.
We believe worshiping with our children is both biblical and beneficial.

Since children remain in the service with mum and dad, they are encouraged to be actively engaged.
They take up the offering; they participate in the children’s talk and song, and they are addressed in the sermon.
It is also wise to try and explain to your child what each segment of the service means, for example, you could remind them that when we pray, we are talking to God. That when we sing we are praising God, and instructing each other, etc.

However, we also know that children will be both distracted, and distracting, and that training them takes much time and effort. You can be assured at NGPC that parents will receive encouragement, and support from the congregation, and elders as they seek to train their children in public worship. We also have a cry room available to settle children, and a church culture that encourages and supports parents as they train their children.  

Youth at NGPC

NGPC also assists the youth of the church through its Youth Group Ministry led by Brad Haughey.
NGPC Youth Group meets every fortnight on Friday nights from 7-9:30 pm.
COMA is also used in the youth group for the sake of consistency in the church. You can contact Brad about NGPC Youth via email.